6.3 Release Note

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release note


Cannot delete Hew project on e2s 6.0


HEW projects cannot be removed from the workspace after importing a HEW project.
Since HEW project has some read-only/hidden files.
If you want to delete the HEW project, please delete the following read-only/hidden files first.
- xxx.rxc, xxx.rxa, xxx.rxg, xxx.hlk


When changing the device in the Synergy configurator the project is not updated in the Smart Browser


Changing the device in the Synergy editor does not refresh the selected device in the Smart Browser plugin. Manually refreshing the Smart Browser plugin does not fix this issue.

To remedy the issue please change the device, close the e2 studio application and re-start it. Then the Smart Browser will have the correct device set.


Source Addresses: multiple debug contexts with same-named source file


When debugging files with the same name show source addresses even though it may not be correct for the file in question. The full file path is not considered just the filename and current debug context. This can lead to e2 studio showing addresses unnecessarily.


breakpoints cannot be unset within the editor when code is #ifdef out


Breakpoints cannot be unset on editor if the codes are out of #ifdef close.
Those breakpoints can be removed in Breakpoints View.


The Module View of e2studio does not display any information when an executable which includes debug information was downloaded to the target.


The Module View of e2 studio does not display any information when an executable which includes debug information was downloaded to the target.


dialog should be re-sizable as font size


When font size is changed as magnified, some user interface controls are hidden.
The only workaround for this issue is to apply smaller system font size.


RL78 on-chip debugging and reserved areas problem


In older versions of e2 studio the RL78 debugger would protect OCD memory areas for the E1 emulator.

However in some cases this would cause issues. This is no longer done and GCC projects will work well. If you are using IAR projects this may cause some problems for your debugging.

A new GDB monitor command has been added to protect/overwrite memory. This will allow the same behavior as e2 studio 3.x.

monitor protect_memory, fef00, 100, ff
Any attempt to write to address 0xfef00 to 0xfefff will cause 0xff to be written instead.
A warning message will be shown in the GDB server console window.

This can be added to the initialization commands within the debug configuration for the RL78 E1 emulator.


Multi-byte chars should be denied as Build-Debug configuration name


Multi-byte characters can cause a compilation failure when used as a build configuration name in e2 studio.
Therefore, multi-byte characters should NOT be applied to debug/build configuration names.

Note: This issue affect both for configuration management dialog and the configuration creation dialog of Optimization Assistant.


Empty view on minimize and restore (Variables, Expression, IO Register, etc)


When minimizing a view such as Expressions, Registers or IO Registers and the restoring the view it can appear blank.

If this happens repeat the operation and the view contents will be visible again.


System Explorer launch breaking E2


On some systems you may encounter an error when launching the system explorer from the Project Explorer context menu. If using this causes e2 studio to freeze or context menus to stop displaying you should terminate the e2 studio process.


Not possible to update e2 studio


If during the update process you see a message similar to:

"Backup of file c:\renesas\e2studio\eclipse\e2studio.exe failed.
File that was copied to backup could not be deleted: c:\renesas\e2studio\eclipse\e2studio.exe"

Then this can be avoided by renaming the e2studio.exe executable after the check for updates process has started.


Setting breakpoint in function referenced in expression view causes debugger to hang


Setting a breakpoint to a function which is referenced from an expression in the expression view causes the debugger to hang when execution is resumed. When this happens e2 studio must be restarted to resume normal operation.

Add a function "test(int)"
Set a breakpoint in it
Add an expression "test(5)"


'Launch in debug mode' button on the top left of the window will kill the current process forcedly.

Application, CDT, Debug Launch

When pressing the launch button on the launch bar when a debugger session is already in operation there is no warning message displayed. The current debugger session is terminated.
If you wish to have more than one debugger session please use the Debug menu rather than the launch bar.


Timing to show 'Unable to modify eventpoints' message is strange.

Application, Eventpoints plugin

When the timer start/stop events are set in Editor view of RX, the message to notify the limit number may not be displayed.


Certificate approval screen can cause e2 studio to appear to lock

Application, Smart Manual Discovery

The certificate approval screen which appears during automatic smart manual installation can cause e2 studio to appear to lock.

If this happens you can select another application then going back to e2 studio to dismiss the dialog.


[RZ] Project converter to fill FPU architecture option build fail

ARM GCC Plugins

Due to previous build plugin issues on conversion we add “.lib” to the build artifact output prefix in some conditions. Unfortunately, this can cause issues with some project types. If you experience an issue related to this please remove the “.lib” and rebuild.


Project is not re-linked when the linker script is updated

ARM GCC Plugins, RL78 GCC build plugin, RX GCC build plugin

When linker script is changed for GCC compiler project and you build the project, the build operation will not occur.

Please clean and build the project.


CODAN errors for assembly code in C file

CCRL Build plugin, CCRX Build plugin

CODAN does not recognize compiler-dependent expressions as well as assembly code expressions.
CODAN errors can be ignored if the project is built successfully.


[CC-RX] Some setting options is not updated correctly with user configuration and multiple configurations

CCRX Build plugin

* CC-RX project
If you specify options for multiple configurations using Multiple configuration, options may be specified for all configurations. (Ex: Endian option)

In this case, specify options by each configuration.


Editor and Assembler default input character code should match

CCRX Build plugin

By default, the e2 studio editor character code is set to UTF-8. This means it is possible to enter characters that are then not supported by default by the CCRX toolchain.
CCRX default input is SJIS.

To enable UTF-8 for the toolchain you must first select C99 support.


Incremental build can break after renaming or copying a project


After renaming or copying a project incremental build might be broken & the project will perform a full build every time. If this occurs then:

# Open project proprieties & go to the "C/C++ Build" -> "Refresh Policy"
# Delete the old name of project folder, then add the new project name.


[Multiple Configuration]: NullPointerException with custom configuration


NullPointerException is observed when adding a custom configuration and selecting the same configuration within the ‘Multiple Configuration…' selection at the same time.

This issue only occurs if user has not applied after creating new config: https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=352047


Disassembly view is empty after restart


After restart on occasion the disassembly window can be empty. Refreshing the window or stepping works around the problem.


Indexer setting not saved.


The setting 'Use a fixed build configuration' in the dialog, Properties->C/C++ General->Indexer is not saved when the user checks it.

This can be caused by visiting the properties, modifying the indexer setting and then visiting settings. If you do not visit settings the option is stored correctly.


Disassembly view does not always update on initial opening


In some cases, the disassembly view does not refresh correctly on suspend. When this problem happens refreshing the disassembly view does not fix the problem. To restore the functionality close and re-open the view.


Failed breakpoint will reduce the max breakpoint count.

CDT, GDB, GDB server

When setting breakpoints in the debugger, if the breakpoint fails to be set the available breakpoints in the system is still reduced by one even though the breakpoint is not actually in use.


Code Generator not registered when installed in a seperate folder

CodeGenerator plugin

When e2 studio is installed in multiple locations on the user’s machine and they are same version, the Code Generator does not work.

Please execute "CGRegister.exe" under <e2 studio install folder>/plugins/com.renesas.cg_x.x.x.vxxxxxxx-xxxx/CodeGenerator/Tools


Code Generator does not work with project located outside of workspace

CodeGenerator plugin

Code Generator doesn't appear if the file attributes of the imported project is 'Read-only'. Please confirm whether the file attributes are not 'Read-only' before importing the project located outside of workspace.


[Code Generator] An exception was thrown when double click to 'Clock Generator'

CodeGenerator plugin

In case of using multiple RX651 projects, an exception is thrown 'after a project is closed and opened' or 'when a project is closed'.

Operation example 1:
1. Create new 2 projects: RX651_1 and RX651_2 in a workspace.
2. Select each project and click “new code generator” toolbar item.
3. Double click on “RX651_1/Code Generator/Peripheral Functions/Clock Generator” on project explorer.
4. Close RX651_2 Project.
5. Open RX651_2 Project.
6. Double click on “RX651_2/Code Generator/Peripheral Functions/Clock Generator” on project explorer.
-> At Step6, exception is thrown.

Operation example 2:
1. Create 3 new projects: RX651_1, RX651_2, RX651_3 in a workspace.
 2. Select each project and click “new code generator” toolbar item.
 3. Close a RX651_2 Project.
 4. Double click on “RX651_1/Code Generator/Peripheral Functions/Clock Generator” on project explorer.
 5. Double click on “RX651_3/Code Generator/Peripheral Functions/Clock Generator” on project explorer.
-> At Step5, exception is thrown.


[IT] Mouse hover in Current Consumption view appears in wrong monitor for dual-monitor setup

Consumption Current

When running e2 studio with a dual-monitor, and if e2studio is running on second monitor, the popup window for Current Consumption will be displayed on first monitor.


[DevTest] Issues in save current consumption dialog

Consumption Current

When using Current Consumption View and saving data to CSV file, if the specified file already exists, no warning is displayed. If the location is not permitted to store a file, no error is displayed and file is not created.


Monitor point can't be set if NOP is not inserted at the top of the line.

Consumption Current

When using monitor point insertion with CCRL 1.05 or CCRX 2.08 for the Current Consumption View, if nop is not inserted at the top address of the line because of the code generation or optimization, setting monitor point will fail. In this case, please insert NOP() in the source code manually.


Find inside the range of current consumption doesn't work in some case.

Consumption Current

The find feature supports finding a single point or whole pulse that satisfies the find condition. The found data will be affected by Zoom ratio, so the find result may be different before or after zooming.


Coverage plugin cannot work with virtual folder and linked resource

Coverage plugin

The Coverage plugin cannot display the result in the editor view by color if the C files are in a virtual folder or treated as the linked resource files.

If this feature is required please put C files to normal folder in project.


Coverage: IECUBE shows 'branch' for lines that should be 'covered'

Coverage plugin

In some cases when using the Coverage facility with the RL78 IECUBE some lines are shown as 'branch' or partial coverage when they should be 100% covered.


Automatic data flash erase on RL78 device during the debug session start via E1

Debug Configuration

Erase flash on start-up option on RL78 should be executed once.
When e2studio connects successfully to RL78 target and erases the flash, this option should return to false, so that flashing is not done every time target is connected.


More than 4 'Internal Flash Memory Overwrite' blocks are allowed.

Debug Configuration

When setting the 'Internal Flash Memory Overwrite' debug option, it is possible to exceed the maximum number of non-continuous memory blocks supported. No warning is given if this limit is exceeded.

When setting this option ensure the limit (16 for RX devices) is not exceeded.


(RX) Selecting user boot mode always show the message.

Debug Configuration

When User boot mode is selected at the setting for Mode pin in CPU Operating Mode, the warning for USB boot program is displayed even if the device does not have USB boot program.
Please click 'yes' if the device does not have USB boot program.


Setting an invalid value is allowed in E1 debugger for RX

Debug Configuration

For the debug configuration of RX, 'Operating Frequency [MHz]' is not validated and therefore wrong values can be accepted with no warnings. Please confirm if the appropriate value is configured as operating frequency.


'Internal Flash Memory Overwrite' option for RX E1 needs the number limitation

Debug Configuration

If more than 16 non-adjacent items are selected from the "Internal Flash Memory Overwrite" dialog, only the first items will be valid. Others will be discarded.


Cannot connect to RZ if "Image Only" is selected as Load Image

Debug Configuration ADAS, Debug Configuration RZ

When writing the PC register, GDB needs to know in what mode it is ARM or Thumb.

Usually this is obtained from the symbol information but since the symbols are not loaded ("image only") GDB tries to obtain this from the cpsr value from current frame. However in this case there is no frame information which causes an error.

There is a workaround, we can tell GDB what mode we are running so it doesn't try to read the cpsr register:

set arm fallback-mode (arm|thumb|auto)

GDB uses the symbol table, when available, to determine whether instructions are ARM or Thumb. This command controls GDB’s default behavior when the symbol table is not available. The default is ‘auto’, which causes GDB to use the current execution mode (from the T bit in the CPSR register).


This can be added to the GDB startup commands in the debug configuration.


Debug configuration sometimes works incorrectly.

Debug Configuration RX

When using RX debugger, the debug configuration may show the error "Invalid value: The external flash option is enabled but no external flash User System Definition files specified” . In this case, please specify "No" to "Download Enabled".


[RX with EZ] Cycle step on Performance analysis cannot be displayed with the unit [ns].

Debug Configuration RX

When using RX via the EZ emulator, the performance timer value will be only displayed as count which is counted as ICLK.


Rx, in flash write mode, debugger features should be disabled

Debug Configuration, GDB server RX

When debugging with RX, if the settings are in flash write mode, the debugger features are not available. If the ID code is changed or the communication I/F is FINE, reading memory will fail after download finished. Please disconnect from emulator and pull USB cable out in this case.


E2 Studio "Console" view - "Renesas Debug Virtual Console" issues

Debug Console plugin

Renesas Debug Virtual Console's pin status will not be restored for next opening e2 studio. Please active and pin it manually before debugging to avoid losing data.


Add ability to load symbol files at specified location and offset on reload

Debug Launch

Currently there is no way to load symbol files at specified location and offset when debugging a Linux target for RZ/G.

The workaround is to use the GDB console window to load the symbol file using the GDB protocol.


Cannot launch debug session when breakpoint cannot be set


If GDB is unable to set a breakpoint during the launch then the whole launch will be aborted. Removing the breakpoint(s) will allow the launch to complete successfully.


Cannot connect to EZ emulator when another debugger is connected.

Debugging RL

When using EZ emulator with RL78, if another emulator like E1 is connected to PC, connection to EZ emulator will fail. Please don't connect another when using EZ emulator.


The behavior of step-return (with breakpoint) is strange on RL78/G10

Debugging RL

On RL78/G10 devices, setting a breakpoint at main can cause step return to fail. The workaround is to uncheck this option on the Startup tab of the Debug Launch Configuration.


Fail safe break message not clear on RL78 IECUBE

Debugging RL

When the failsafe break is configured to "Stop on read from uninitialized RAM" on the RL78 IECUBE the break occurs but the cause is not clear.


Error Dialog is shown when disconnected.

Debugging RX

When hitting Disconnect on a running debug session (with breakpoints in use) the debugger will error and fail to disconnect
Workaround: Only click Disconnect when the session is paused (the Disconnect operation will return the device to the running state automatically)


Character '}' is added to target path (RZ/G Linux)

Debugging RZ Linux

When registering download files for RZ/G Linux an extra "}" character can be appended to the path. Please remove the character manually and continue to use as normal.


Enabling BSD sockets in ThreadX source code breaks RTOS Resources View

Debugging Synergy

When using the Synergy editor if you enable the BSD sockets in the ThreadX source code updates to the RTOS resources view and e2 studio debug view will no longer work correctly.


ITM not working correctly on Synergy S5 devices TRCLK incorrectly set

Debugging Synergy

Currently on Synergy S5 devices the ITM trace feature is not supported.


Coresight SWV Clock setup needs improvement

Debugging Synergy

On Synergy devices the default "Core Clock" value for SWV usage should be set to the same as the system clock (in Mhz). For S7 devices (where the trace clock is halved) this should be set at half the system clock.


[FFW] Current consumption issues for RX100 and RX200

Device Support RX

1. Only the "USER I/F" is supported for power supply interface. The current consumption feature cannot be used with "E2 expansion I/F".
2. When monitor point is set, current consumption may be measured for a certain period even after user program stops.


RZ/G debugger Renesas Device Support

Device Support RZ

When opening Renesas Device Support tab of e2 studio Installation Details dialog, it is described that J-Link ARM is supported for RZ/G.
However, JTAG debug for RZ/G is not supported. Only TCF connection debug for Linux application is supported.


DS5 Environment Problem

DS-5 importer, Managed Build

When a DS-5 project is imported into e2 studio the environment variables for Path and TCInstall are copied from the DS-5 environment.

This is not correct. The way to correct this problem is to delete both paths and replace them with correct values to your toolchain. If you are unsure how to correct this please create a new project and copy the values from this to the converted project.


e2Studio Installer Fails with Spaces in User Name (Windows)

Eclipse Platform

The e2 studio installer can fail when installing to machines where the user name has spaces included in the name.

If you can login with another user name such as “Administrator” then this problem can be avoided.


A warning dialog appears when re-debug project (eventpoint).

Eventpoints plugin

When connecting to debugger, Warning dialog for Eventpoint setting sometimes appears and the following message is shown.

"Some eventpoints were disabled before being applied. This may have been caused by multiple eventpoints with trigger counts or address ranges".

In this case, please disconnect debugger and connect debugger again.
Or, please enable each event points manually.


Eventpoints disabled when e2 studio first opened.

Eventpoints plugin

The enable state of eventpoints for any debug configuration is not restored when the debug configuration is launched for the first time after e2 studio is started.
In subsequent launches the eventpoints are enabled/disabled appropriately.


Data Access Event Break compare value always converted to hex

Eventpoints plugin

When adding a new Data Access eventpoint, the Compare value (on the Data Access Settings tab) is always converted to hex and subsequently displayed in hex even if the value entered does not include an 0x prefix.


Get correct number of HW breakpoints and eventpoints

Eventpoints plugin

The event count on Eventpoint View shows the total event count including hardware break points which are set on source view as line break points.
Events which can be set in Eventpoint view may be less than displayed.


The RX simulator does not allow trigger count on data access events.

Eventpoints plugin, GDB server RX

The trigger count for data access event for RX simulator will be ignored.


GDB will crash when resume command or step command returns an error.


If the software break points are used even if they are not allowed, GDB will fail to debug. For example, setting software breakpionts in trusted memory area for RXv2 core, or in CS0 area for Internal ROM disabled extended mode will cause this. Please use hardware breakpoints in this case.


Multiple breakpoints set for multiple symbol files


When the same symbol files are downloaded on to 2 different processes and the User sets a source breakpoint, GDB will set the breakpoint on both processes.

This will cause the system to appear to have only half the number of breakpoints.


GDB try to write memory for breakpoint.


Unexpected memory modification will happen if software breakpoint is set when software breakpoint resource is unavailable.

Please remove other breakpoints and use hardware breakpoints.


ACC0/ACC1 does not accept a large value.


ACC0/ACC1 register for RX will not accept the value over 0x8000000000000000 in the Registers view. If it is specified, incorrect value will be set.


[BREAKPOINT] (RL78) Behavior in the case of the error by Add Watchpoint.

GDB server

When sub menu "Add Watchpoint" is performed from a Memory view, it seems to have been registered correctly in the Breakpoints view even if there is an error condition.

An error occurs by "Add Watchpoint", when the maximum number of events was exceeded, or when a ROM area is specified.


Semihosting - printf causes subsequent file operations to fail

GDB server

When using semihosting, having a printf command before file io operations causes them to fail.

Scenario best explained through sample code.

Create a synergy Blinky project

in hal_entry.c at the top of the file include the following line:
#include "stdio.h"

//inside void hal_entry(void) try the following samle code:
///------------------------SAMPLE CODE--------------------------

FILE * pFile;
char c;

for (c = 'A' ; c <= 'Z' ; c++)
  putc (c , pFile);
fclose (pFile);
//-----------------------END SAMPLE CODE---------------------
// Before fix, the Renesas Debug Virtual Console has the following output
// There was no file c:\\alphabet.txt

//After fix the Renesas Debug Virtual Console has the following output
// There should also be a file c:\\alphabet.txt created, with the following output:


Trace record event for READ access with compared data acquires information which does not match it.

GDB Server RH850

To use the data access events as trace start, trace stop or trace record for RH850 with E1 emulator, please do not use the "Compare Settings" condition for the event.


rh850 BPC events do not count in the status area of the eventpoints view

GDB Server RH850

The counter of the event points in Eventpoint view will not be counted correctly.


[Profile] Displayed data is not reliable If Trace view is OFF

GDB Server RH850, GDB server RL78, GDB server RX

If the Trace view is off, the Trace capacity (will be also used for Profile) is set to default (usually, this is the minimum capacity). This then means that the Profile data is not reliable.


To work around this issue you can set the Trace capacity to maximum even if Trace view is off. When turning on the Trace view again it will use the previous setting rather than the default.


[RL78/G10 with EZ] program doesn't suspend at reset vector

GDB server RL78

There is a known issue when debugging RL78/G10 with the EZ emulator. In some condition the program doesn't suspend at reset vector.


Resume will fail if 'Permit Flash Programming' is set to No for RL78.

GDB server RL78

If 'Permit Flash Programming' is set to No in the debug configuration for RL78 Emulator, resume the program will fail. When debugging, please set this option to Yes.


The value on the memory view is not updated with RL78/G11

GDB server RL78

In the memory view, when displaying the IO area and the memory area near the address adjacent to the IO area, FF data may be displayed depending on the display area.
Applicable devices are all devices of RL78 and RH850.
The workaround is to display in Expressions view.


BeforePC events on IECube temporarily hardcoded limit of 4

GDB server RL78

Before PC events on IECube temporarily hard coded limit of 4.


Setting RL78 register fails

GDB server RL78

When using RL78 the HL register value cannot be modified in some circumstances.

This will only occur when bank 0 is not selected.
Changing HL value only ever causes Bank 0 HL to change.
View will always show current bank value.
Values not in bank 0 can still be changed by accessing bank registers directly.


RL78 SmartAnalog Memory can't be read during execution

GDB server RL78

The devices with a SmartAnalog(e.g. RL78/I1E) will not be able to memory read during execution.


Coverage feature of E20 can't show the data over banks.

GDB server RX

E20 emulator has the coverage 4 * 4MB blocks for RXv2 core devices. This block is aligned with 4MB boundary. If the program executed from the block to the next block without branch, the coverage from the top of next block to the first branch will not be recorded.


[RX] The debugger works same as 'Equals' even if I select 'Not Equals' in 'Comparison:' of 'Data Access Settings'. (only when 0x0 is specified to Mask Value)

GDB server RX

When a data access event for RX is set with the data mask value as 0, the comparison will be treated as "Equals" and the data mask value will be treated as 0xFFFFFFFF.


Execution time for the last function may not be displayed in Profile View.

GDB server RX

In Profile view, execution time for each function is calculated for the function which is returned out. If the execution stopped at the middle of the function, execution time of the function may not be added.


[BREAKPOINT ISSUE]: Execution Address Eventpoints with trigger count do not work with Breakpoints on Segger RX

GDB server RX

Execution Address Eventpoints with trigger count do not work with Breakpoints on Segger RX.
Setting an execution address eventpoint with a trigger count on Segger JLink RX62N is not possible if any breakpoints exist, including the default at main.
If an execution address eventpoint with a trigger count is set with a breakpoint both the eventpoint & the breakpoint do not function. Multiple breakpoints are set then only 1 does not work. Additional eventpoints function as normal.


Connection Exception with RX64M GR-KAEDE Board using last known connection

GDB server RX

Project based variables in the debug configuration are not evaluated correctly at launch and the launch then fails.
This is caused by the project based variables being evaluated on the context of the active project not the specified project in the debug configuration. Using variables with a workspace context work correctly.


Memory View for RX Little Endian shows IO endian reversed

GDB server RX, IO view plugin

RX targets and IO registers greater than 1 byte.
winA 0x88028
winB 0x8802a

View register in both IO view and register view.
Value in memory view is reversed.

This is because the IO, (like all RX memory for little endian targets is reversed).


[RZ/A1 Eventpoint] Event break using Compare settings does not work

GDB Server RZ

When debugging the RZ/A1 with J-Link the event break feature using compare settings does not work. In some situations, it will always break.


[RZ/A1] The address of the breakpoint shifts next line.

GDB Server RZ

In some cases when setting a breakpoint, it will be shifted to the next line. This can happen on the function entry points in some situations at the debugger skips the function prologue.


RZ/T1 Reload doesn't work on RAM_BOOT project

GDB Server RZ

For RAM based RZ-T1 projects a redownload of code will trigger a reset that erases the RAM making further debugger operation impossible. The workaround is to instead disconnect and then reconnect.


Not possible to ALeRASE ID to erase device when ID byte is programmed under e2studio

GDB Server Synergy

Currently the use of the special ALeRASE ID code unlock does not work correctly with e2studio. The device will remain locked. The workaround is to use the ALeRASE code in the RFP tool instead.



GDB Server Synergy

On Synergy S3-based devices the trace can sometimes fail with 0 records.


[Trace view] The Filter + Find feature seems not work correctly with Synergy project

GDB Server Synergy

Trace find and filter functionality is currently not supported for ARM-based devices


KPIT RX project for HEW cannot be imported.

HEW Project Converter

KPIT RX project for HEW cannot be imported with e2 studio 6.X.
Please execute the following procedure.
1. Import KPIT RX project for HEW with e2 studio 5.4.
2. Import this project with e2 studio 6.X and update it.


[IAR][RL78] Linker extra options were not imported

IAR plugins

In some cases the IAR project importer does not perfectly import all set build options.

One example is the -HFF command line option that can be specified in the command line options text box for the linker.


Synergy IAR static lib project cannot be converted to exe

IAR plugins, Renesas Synergy

When generating a Synergy static library project using the IAR toolchain it is not possible to change the build artifact to Executable (IAR).

e2 studio gives the impression that the operation was successful however when building no object files are generated.


CCRX: Warning dialog shows many times on Turkish OS when input 'i' key for e2 studio location


An error occurs by project operation when a non-ASCII character was used for the file name or the folder name.

Please don't use non-ASCII characters for the file name or the folder name.


IO Registers accessed with disregard for initial setup of register

IO view plugin

There is an issue that the reset values of a peripheral register that were different than the user manual was stating.

The root cause is that the IO register view in the debugger does not validate the MSTP register settings before presenting the data for the peripheral that is being viewed.


"Build Automatically" does not rebuild after "Clean" CCRX project

Managed Build

Even if you specify "Build automatically", Build will not perform automatically.
Please perform the Build manually.


The options of a Build Configuration were not correct after specifying “Multiple Configurations...” functionality.

Managed Build

The options of a Build Configuration were not correct after specifying Multiple Configurations... functionality.


The "Project Upgrade Required" pop-up does not appear on subsequent imports of the same project

Managed Build

The "Project Upgrade Required" pop-up does not appear on subsequent imports of the same project when you delete and re-import in the same session.


To work around you can right click on the project and select "Upgrade Legacy Project" or alternatively shut down e2 studio and re-open it.


Build error when project path has Chinese/Japanese text.

Managed Build

When operating e2 studio in a path that has Chinese or Japanese in the path names you may experience problems invoking the application. Please rename the directory with alphanumeric characters.
You may also experience issues with building when folder names have Japanese or Chinese characters. This can be avoided in the same manner.


Set select an option in Tool Settings tab from Properties dialog

Memory Usage plugin

Button "Open Map file output page" dialog" and "Open Section page" dialog will open "Properties" page. Please jump to "Settings" tab by selecting "C/C++ Build->Settings".


GDB Server will crash when Start address is larger than End address in Find/Replace/Fill Memory dialog

Memory View plugin

e2 studio can crash when the memory view Find/Replace/Fill feature has a start address larger than the end address.


Memory view address caption should match to endianess

Memory View plugin

Users may misunderstand the data order in the memory view due to the address column heading.

The "Address" caption of Memory view is always the like "0 - 3", "4 - 7" regardless of the endian which is selected.


[IT] [Misra-C Checker plug-in] Violations list still display when user changes language of source file

MISRA-C plugin

Violations list still display when user changes language of source file from C89 to C99.


(RH850) Disassembly result of PE1 is different from the result of PE2.

Multicore Debugging RH850

For RH850 multicore devices, disassembly result may be different from the expected. In this case, please refresh the view after changing the debug context to the other PE.


[Optimization Assistant] The debug is always measured by "By Address" option

Optimization assistant

In Optimization Assistant plugin, Time Measurement is always measured by [By Address] although [By Function] is specified in [Time Measurement setting dialog].


Performance result is sometimes not displayed if "Pin to Debug Context" is selected

Performance Analysis

When "Pin to Debug Context" is selected, Performance Analysis view, Profile view, Trace view, Coverage view could be displayed incorrectly sometimes.


An internal error for “Acquiring Profile Result” may be shown when the program stops/starts

Profile plugin

An internal error for "Acquiring Profile Result" may be shown when the program stops/starts


"Rename & Import Existing C/C++ Project into Workspace" option allows the use of illegal characters in the new project name

Project Generation Core

Rename and Import existing C/C++ project does not have the same restrictions as new project wizard.


Unable to create a synergy project in Turkish Windows 8.1

Project Generation Core, Renesas Synergy

When using Turkish Windows with Synergy you may experience problems creating a project.

Please use English language settings for your host OS and re-try if you experience this.


RH850 multicore realtime expression update does not work

Real-time Watch

In some situations the RH850 multicore realtime expression update does not work.


1ms refresh interval in expressions using RX Simulator does not work

Real-time Watch

When using the RX Simulator with real-time expressions if you use 1ms real-time interval the expression view goes blank. On suspend, e2 studio appears to hang while messages are processed.

Reverting the interval to 10ms works well.


Copy and paste support in the threads page of the Synergy editor needs e2Studio RESTART to work correctly

Renesas Synergy

In certain situations it is possible for the copy/paste actions to stop working in the Synergy editor, threads page. If this happens please close the Synergy editor and re-open it. Copy and paste should then work correctly.


Headless build with GCC compiler issue

Renesas Synergy

When using the headless build functionality with Synergy the build will not execute unless the licence file for the SSP is defined correctly within the system environment. This is the current specification for headless build.


Headless Build error with Synergy project

Renesas Synergy

When using the eclipsec.exe tool and running headless builds it is possible to see an error created as seen below:

A message box is displayed that states “An error has occurred. See the log file <name>.log”

This is due to the eclipsec.exe not picking up the correct Java version. To work around this issue please copy eclipse.ini to eclipsec.ini and execute the headless build again.


[Eventpoint] Red X icon is shown when setting Eventpoint for Synergy project

Renesas Synergy

On Synergy devices, repeated setting of Trace Start and Stop eventpoints can lead to a situation where the eventpoints fail to set.
Workaround: Disconnect and reconnect.


Switching Board(not save) make project settings changing unexpectedly

Renesas Synergy, Synergy Editor

When using the Synergy configurator if the device is changed on the BSP tab the build options are now modified.

However if the configuration is not saved the project options will still reflect the change made on the BSP tab if the core type was changed. E.g. from a Cortex M4 (S3A7, S7G2) to a S124 or S128.


Exception was thrown when specify synergy license file by place-holder

Renesas Synergy, Synergy Preferences

When using a placeholder in the Synergy license dialog it throws an exception. Please use a full path to the file.


"Show in Smart Manual view" button does not work correctly

Smart Manual plugin

"Show in Smart Manual view" button does not work correctly when the active project does not contain file which showing on editor.


The stack size of GCC-RL is incorrect for a few devices


For the devices:


The stack size should be 0x64 but is in fact 0x32.
You can modify this in the linker sections after the project is created.


[Expression] RL78/G10: Global variable and local variable show incorrect data


For RL78/G10 devices there can be issues where global variables and local variables are showing incorrect data.

This is due to some problems with the linker sections. GCC uses 24 bytes of memory (0xFFEC8 to 0xFFEE0) as pseudo registers. In the attached project the stack begins at FFED8 (0xFFEC8 < FFED8 < 0xFFEE0) and grows down overlapping with this area of memory.


Trace view cannot be scrolled up

Trace plugin

Trace view supports "find" trace record feature. If found record is out of the list of trace records be showing in Trace view, then Trace view will jump to shown records around found item but in this case scrolling trace view up will not work.
Workaround: Select/Deselect any button of Bus, Disassembly, Source, Reverse Order will reset Trace view to show from the first bus node again.


Trace recorded data is sometimes duplicated

Trace plugin

After getting Trace data, sometimes the data is displayed twice in Trace view.


Disassemble in Trace View doesn't finish.

Trace plugin

When using E20 for RX with 38pin trace cable, if disassemble mode is specified in Trace View the disassemble may no finish. To avoid this, please set the check for "Enable Timestamp Display" ON in Trace acquisition setting.


Forward and backward buttons on Trace toolbar are disabled when selecting any source line

Trace plugin

Step forward, Step backward, Run forward and Run backward buttons on Trace toolbar will be disabled when selecting any source line.


[Trace] "Address" and "Now" column are empty in Source mode

Trace plugin

In Trace view, [Address] and [Now] column are always empty in Source mode now.


Real-time update does not work when debugging multiple projects while one is suspended

Visual Expressions plugin

When debugging more than one project simultaneously Realtime Update will not work when any project is suspended.

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