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Open Issues in e2 studio 2022-07

Key Summary Component Description
IDE-53772 Debugging is disconnected from RZA3UL on resume. Debugging RZ When using RZ/A3UL with 'Exec with DDR SDRAM', the resume operation may fail and cause a disconnection of debugging. In this case, please add 'monitor reset' at 'Run Commands' on Startup tab in debug configuration. Also, please don't use 'Restart' button on tool bar. As DDR is not enabled on reset, please don't show the area of DDR area in debug views until it is enabled.
IDE-53740 [PG][CC-RL] odd section alignment error Project Generation CCRL If the following error occurs in the CC-RL Executable project created by e2 studio 2021-07/2021-10/2022-01/2022-04/2022-07, please do the steps below as workaround. Error: E0562332:Relocation value is odd number Workaround: Add the following description in cstart.asm. .SECTION .init, CONSTF .L_section_init:
IDE-53641 Even if I push cancel button smart manual dialog appear. Smart Manual plugin The dialog saying Smart Manual was installed is shown although user can cancel the Smart Manual installation.
IDE-53475 [Bug] Stack Analysis View cannot detect Callee funtions, caller functions in LLVM project in e2studio v2022-07 Stack Analysis View Stack Analysis View cannot display function call tree properly with compiler LLVM RL78 version or later. It always shows flat not tree.
IDE-53445 Memory Usage (RAM/ROM Usage) cannot display with RZ/A3UL project. Memory Usage plugin In Memory Usage View, "RAM/ROM Usage" tab cannot be shown with RZ/A3UL device and GCC ARM A-Profile compiler
IDE-53422 RDPM Linux - Connection to J-Link often timeouts (degrades) RA TrustZone Renesas Device Partition Manager (RDPM) in Linux shows instability when connecting through J-Link. To workaround this problem in Linux environment, download standalone RA Smart Configurator 2021-10 version and use the RDPM v1.2.0.0 that is embedded within it.
IDE-53284 Step return is disabled with ASM source on CCRH project Debugging RH850 It is not possible to perform a step return operation when using the CC-RH toolchain while debugging assembly source.
IDE-53202 Fail to debug old non-trustzone RA project - Error "Cannot find smart bundle" Debugging RA Old non-Trustzone project may need to re-build to create smart bundle before launching the project.
IDE-53005 The GDB server not cancelling the connection when "Cancel" is selected Debug Configuration RL78 When using hot plugin connection, a dialog with OK/Cancel will be displayed while connection to prompt to connect the emulator to the board. For the dialog, both OK and Cancel will be handled as OK.
IDE-52463 Warning message "Device does not match the target device " is shown Debug Configuration RZ When connecting to J-Link with RZ/T2M board, the following warning message is shown: The device (device_name) set in the launch configuration does not match the target device (target_device_name) set in the project. The launch may not function correctly. Do you wish to proceed with the launch? In this instance please ignore the message and proceed with connection.
IDE-52364 Data flash on NSECSD state can't be read and erased when debugging with J-Link ARM GDB Server RA When debugging with J-Link ARM at NSECSD state, data flash can't be erased and first byte of data flash can't be read.
IDE-51354 isdebuild doesn't delete temp files in case of error exit Secure Builder When building synergy projects using the secure build, some temp files used for the build are not being deleted. As a result we end up with lots of files in temp folder and at some point build will fail as temp file name gets to long. The workaround is to empty the temp folder from time to time.
IDE-50708 Address of main.c is not displayed with debugging Debugging RL The addresses for source lines may not be shown when debugging for projects imported from CS+. To avoid this ensure the project is imported using the same name as its directory.
IDE-50269 Disassembly in Trace view is not displayed if RXv3 instruction is included. GDB server RX When using J-Link RX with RXv3 core devices, Trace view can't show the disassembly for the area from the branch destination to the next branch source if RXv3 instruction is included in the area.
IDE-49708 Program doesn't stop its entry point when manually download program Debugging RZ When using the manual Download option with an RZ/G2L FSP or RZ/V2L FSP device the program does not stop at the entry point. The workaround is to make sure the "Reset After Reload" option on the Debug Configuration is set to "No".
IDE-48925 Specified port number is not displayed on console. GDB server GDB server has -p option to specify the port number. But when the port number is specified, the specified port number is not displayed in console. The actual port number is the specified port number.
IDE-48621 Workbench plugins cause unsigned software warning error on install IAR plugins When installing the IAR eclipse plugins into e2 studio for IAR EWSYN, the installation process can generate a warning about unsigned software being installed. This is normal behavior for the IAR plugins and the warning can be disregarded.
IDE-48166 Download failed for EK-RA6M4 using J-Link (FSP 3.3 - J-Link v7.50a) Debugging RA When using J-Link (OB) with RA devices, if the firmware for J-Link is updated, download by e2 studio + FSP 3.3.0 may fail and connection can't be established. In this case, please update FSP to 3.5.0 or later, or download J-Link Software 7.56b and copy the JLinkARM.DLL (from the Segger JLink installation folder) to {e2 studio support area}\DebugComp\RA\ARM\Segger_v7.50.1 folder (before copying the file, please rename the original file). Please refer to https://en-support.renesas.com/knowledgeBase/19891761 for {e2 studio support area}.
IDE-47295 Reset does not work - RZ/T2M + JLink, Breakpoint doesn't work after reset. GDB Server RZ When using RZ devices with J-Link, a breakpoint might not be effective untile resume or step is not invoked. Therefore, if the device start running on reset, the breakpoint which is set immediately before the reset may not hit. In this case, please resume once before the reset.
IDE-47191 Build Error Sometimes Overlaps Code Line - Display Resolution Eclipse Platform In certain situations the errors that are displayed after a build will overlap the source line in the editor window. If this occurs scrolling the editor view up or down seems to resolve this. If this becomes a common occurrence it is possible to stop this happening by switching off the code mining option. This is available in the Window->Preferences page. In the section General->Editors->Text Editors. The option to switch off is named Show code minings for problem annotations. Change this setting to None.
IDE-46896 Project imported from Windows build fail in Linux ARM GCC Plugins If copying a project with it's build output directory been Windows & Linux, or moving it to a new location, you need to do a clean and rebuild to avoid build errors. If storing a project under version control avoid including the build output directories. At a minimum exclude the *.d files which may contain system specific paths.
IDE-46110 DPFPU registers always show 0 for J-Link (RX). GDB server RX Some RX devices such as RX72M supports double precision FPU registers. But when debugging it with J-Link, the registers is displayed as 0 in Registers View and writing a value to the register will be ignored.
IDE-45156 Property not selected from constraint if Properties View is not initialised DDSC/FSP Smart Configurator If a property from the constraint link in a module tooltip is selected before the Properties view is initialised the property is not selected in the Properties view This only occurs after the FSP Configuration has first been opened and no module has been selected A workaround is to select a module in the Stacks view before selecting a link from one of the module tooltips so that the Properties view is initialised
IDE-44386 Migrating project when the SSP version the project created with is missing, does not post backward incompatibility warning Synergy Editor When migrating a Synergy project when the SSP version that the project is created with is not installed a message is displayed that does not inform you that the project files will be modified after this action. Note this action cannot be reverted so ensure you have a backup or have your project in revision control before proceeding.
IDE-43759 Can not modify the value on DSP core RL78 SDMA1 Multicore Debugging GreenDSP When selecting the DSP core on Debug view, modifying the value of IO register on the IO Registers view will not take effective. Workaround: Select CPU on Debug view and modify the DSP IO register correspondingly
IDE-43454 Cannot run Linux installer as root Installer The Linux installer for e2 studio cannot be run as root by default, including using "sudo". If you wish to run it as root then you need to add "--appimage-extract-and-run" as the 1st argument. e.g. "sudo ./e2studio_installer-2021-07.AppImage --appimage-extract-and-run"
IDE-43082 Handle anonymous union DIEs without DW_AT_location Loadmodule Converter When doing the debugging with the project contains anonymous union variable in source code, some debugging features become unavailable, such as: - Source line address may not be shown in Code Editor - Cannot set breakpoint in Code Editor (can do this at Disassembly view) - Can only watch global variables in Expression view
IDE-42382 Syntax Error parsing in fsp.ld file Linker Script Editor When using the graphical linker editor feature with linker scripts from FSP 2.3 or greater false errors are shown in the editor due to .ld file parsing errors. e.g. __RESERVE_NS_RAM = (! DEFINED(PROJECT_NONSECURE)) && DEFINED(RAM_NS_BUFFER_LENGTH); This is not a linker error (code builds correctly) but a problem with the error parser.
IDE-40800 It seems the IO Register view shows value not from DSP IO Register area (for SDMA1 + Simulator only) Multicore Debugging GreenDSP In case of debugging the SDMA1 with a Simulator, when selecting the DSP core, the IO Registers view shows the value in the DSP register area instead of DSP IO Register area.
IDE-40412 The properties view is not being brought to top after an FSP property search RA Configurator The properties view is not brought to the top if it is not already at the top after performing an FSP properties search. The properties view is at the top by default as part of the FSP perspective but in a case where it isn't at the top it should be brought to the top after an FSP property search.
IDE-39932 [PartnerOS] Supports debugging of Renesas ITRON OS by PartnerOS plug-in. Partner OS plugin The Renesas ITRON debug views are not supported from e2 studio 2020-04 and later, if you require this functionality please use e2 studio 7.8.0.
IDE-39478 Optimization Assistant - Measuring execution time does not finish Optimization assistant Using Optimization Assistant Time measurement with GCC RX may cause the measurement unable to finish. The end address of function build from GCC RX may be different with the one in Disassembly view so Optimization Assistant cannot reach the end of function. If the measurement is too long to finish or unable to finish, just press "Cancel" to stop measurement.
IDE-38032 IAR RH850 setting breakpoints doesn't work Debugging RH850 If you are debugging RH850 with the E2 emulator with an IAR project you must ensure that the IAR RH850 plugins are also installed. Otherwise it is not possible to set breakpoints.
IDE-37745 [J-Link] Debugging RA6M4 TrustZone projects with "Symbols only" causes breakpoint error at main program Debugging RA When debugging RA6M4 with a Trustzone project and downloading using "Symbols Only" this combination can cause errors with breakpoint handling. In particular when you have set "Set breakpoint at" functionality at the main label. You will see an exception during the connection process. "Exception occured during launch". The work around is to set any command in the "Run Commands" field in the "Startup" tab, e.g. set remotetimeout 1000 or set debug remote 1 Following this the breakpoint is processed correctly.
IDE-33473 Watch point doesn't work on ARM V8M Devices(RA2A1,PEAKS,STAR) with J-Link Debugging RA When using the J-Link debugger for ARM V8M devices (Synergy S1JA,RA2A1,.etc) When setting Watch points, if the [Compare Setting] option is not being used then please set the [Data Access Setting]/[Size] to "Byte". Other settings will cause the break event to be missed or unexpected break events to happen.
IDE-23041 Missing support in startup code for CCRX to GCC converter CCRX to GCC Converter The CCRX to GCC converrsion tool does not perform a 100% guaranteed conversion. Here are some problems that may require further manual correction. Missing explicit setting of usp and isp registers. In resetprg.c, function PowerON_Reset_PC() there is no explicit call to set_isp() or set_usp(). While ccrx compiler automatically adds asm code to setup isp and usp registers, once converted to gcc, there is no translation for the missing code. At the start of gcc function PowerON_Reset_PC() please add the following code:  __builtin_rx_mvtc (0xA, sstack); __builtin_rx_mvtc (0x2, ustack); Initialization of variables is not ported. Functions _INITSCT, _CALL_INIT and _CALL_END all play a crucial role for initializing  global variables, and objects. However, ccrx compiler exposes these functions only as ccrx libraries. _SECTOP_EVECT is missing, for rxv2 architecture exception table and may be different then interrupt vector table. Incomplete translation in PowerON_Reset_PC() The code "set_extb(__sectop("EXCEPTVECT"));" should be "__builtin_rx_mvtc (0xD, __SECTOP_EVECT);"

Closed Issues in e2 studio 2022-07

Key Summary Component Description
IDE-51064 Find and Filter button in Trace view does not work with RH850 Trace plugin When debugging with RH850 devices and viewing trace data in the Trace view. The Find and Filter buttons on the views toolbar do not work.
IDE-50904 Synchronize RASC preferences between concurrent --edit and --generate instances of the same configuration FSP Standalone Configurator Users of RASC should avoid concurrent use of --edit and --generate commands for a project. Workaround: Always click "generate project content" in the editor after modifying an FSP configuration.
IDE-48638 Display of option byte setting for RL78 simulator is incorrect GDB server RL78 When using RL78 simulator, displayed log on gdb server console on connection will be incorrect for the device which supports 16bytes security ID.
IDE-48473 Launcher attempts to shut down GDB server forcedly. GDB server When using RL78 with an debug configuration option "Erase Flash ROM When Starting" and "Fill unused area with 0xFF when writing flash memory" are both "Yes", please specify 60 or larger value at "Connection timeout" on GDB Settings.
IDE-48312 e2studio can not detect Arm Compiler 6.17 ARM Compiler Plugins The ARM Compiler build plugins which are bundled with e2 studio only support version 6.16 or older. Version 6.17 cannot be registered automatically. The following link details a workaround to register the toolchain manually. https://en-support.renesas.com/knowledgeBase/20370421
IDE-47741 Profile does not show data after the job 'Acquiring Profile Results' is completed Profile plugin When debugging using the RL78 Simulator in some situations the Profile view shows no results after the job 'Acquiring Profile Results' is completed.
IDE-47592 RX Offset feature on debug configuration->Startup. Debug Configuration RX In some situations e2 studio can prevent you adding an RX image with an offset on the debug Configuration->Startup tab. This most likely will happen because the offset memory address for the option setting is not mapped in the device. To avoid this, run these GDB commands before downlaod delete mem mem 0x00000000 0x100000000 rw nocache and run the command after download will be required. mem auto
IDE-47060 "Erase on-chip program flash before download" and "Erase on-chip data flash before download" options don't work for J-Link ARM GDB Server RA J-Link ARM debug configuration has options for "Erase on-chip program flash before download" and "Erase on-chip data flash before download", but the option will be ignored.