“Engineer to Engineer” Hands on Workshops

Kick start your evaluation of the Renesas Synergy™ Platform in a one day, hands on workshop. You will spend a couple of hours understanding the platform, see a demonstration of how quickly you can programme at the API, as well as completing your own project in one of the focus topics. At the end of the workshop you’ll take away your own Renesas Synergy S7 Starter Kit and Synergy “The Basics” book, as well as all the demonstration and project files you have worked on during the day.

Focus Topic: How to develop a complex cloud based application using MQTT, TCP/IP, DHCP server, RTOS and peripheral drivers. Hands on sessions will follow to gradually develop an embedded application utilising timers, ADCs, DACs, interrupts, RTOS and protocol stacks.

(Please check the precise topics for each venue)

The Renesas Synergy™ Platform is a revolution in embedded design allowing you to programme at the API layer, reducing time spent on lower level code and instead, focusing on your application and what you do best – innovating!

The platform combines four new, highly scalable Arm® Cortex®-M based MCU series with a massive software eco-system. All developed, warranted, maintained and supported as a product by Renesas. Getting started couldn’t be easier – just register on the gallery today, download the SSP and toolchain and start development immediately.

The workshops are open to everyone and in many cases will be held in local language.