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Renesas Synergy™ Microcontrollers

4:02 min | 2253 Views | Published: 2016-04-15
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A high-quality product needs to be built on a high-quality foundation. With a wide range of performance and features, Renesas Synergy™ Microcontrollers can meet the scalability, power consumption, and performance needs of nearly any embedded systems end-product. Designed for the rapidly expanding IoT market, Renesas Synergy Microcontrollers have built-in features to ease connectivity, establish rock-solid security, ensure dependable safety, and create compelling human-machine interfaces.

Renesas has developed four series of microcontrollers for use in end-products, ranging from small mobile devices to larger, high-performance, calculation-intensive embedded systems controllers. The Renesas Synergy MCUs in each series are all part of the same family and are feature and pin compatible. This allows easy scalability and code reuse from one device to another.

Renesas Synergy™

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