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Applilet EZ Part4 - Design LED lighting with custom flashing sequences

3:07 min | 409 Views | Published: 2012-07-30
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Learn how to design an embedded multi-channel high brightness LED lighting system in seconds supporting custom flashing sequences and strobing effects with Renesas lighting microcontrollers Applilet EZ, a specialised LED lighting design tool from Renesas Electronics. In this video you will see how easy it is to initialise and configure the new Renesas lighting ASSP RL78/I1A for providing a constant current control for multiple high power LED channels and also supporting custom flashing sequences and strobing effects for each channel individually, where the effects can easily be created using the dedicated function within the AppliletEZ GUI. The C code is generated automatically for the designed LED flashing sequences, allowing the designers to open the source in the IAR Embedded Workbench or program the RL78/I1A demo board using the available flash programming function in the AppliletEZ lighting designer tool and see the result presented using the Renesas RL78/I1A LED lighting demo.
More information on Renesas lighting ASSPs and other lighting products as well as the lighting demos and dedicated design tools at:

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