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Applilet EZ Part1 - Introduction to LED lighting design GUI tool

3:30 min | 1638 Views | Published: 2012-07-30
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Applilet EZ is a specialised GUI LED lighting design tool, specifically developed for lighting microcontrollers by Renesas. This LED driver development environment allows high power LED lighting system engineers to design their embedded multi-channel LED driver using Renesas lighting ASSPs such as RL78/I1A and related LED lighting demo boards in seconds, also supporting the intelligence required by the lighting market such as lighting communications, whether it is DALI or DMX512, high precision PWM dimming, accurate colour mixing and custom flashing sequences.
This video tutorial consists of 6 parts including:
1. Introduction to the Applilet EZ
2. Create a new project and dimming with the Applilet EZ
3. Design LED lighting with colour mixing and PWM diming by the Applilet EZ
4. Design LED lighting with strobing and custom flashing sequences using the Applilet EZ
5. Easy DALI protocol stack development with the Applilet EZ and the dedicated DALI GUI tool
6. Easy DMX512 protocol stack development with the Applilet EZ and the dedicated DMX GUI tool
More information on Renesas lighting ASSPs and other lighting products as well as the lighting demos and dedicated design tools at:

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