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Renesas RPBRX111 Promo Board Introduction

9:03 min | 1718 Views | Published: 2013-10-23
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Carmelo Sansone presents the RX111RPB low cost evaluation platform with integrated power measurements functions.

We want to distinguish the RX111 from competing products by actually demonstrating what we mean when we say "True Low Power". The overall board was designed for operating with alternative power budget sources and we included some very cool demos in the CD.

The board has a built-in power management tool that allows you to self-measure power consumption and display it utilizing a provided GUI across different power settings.
It also features a built-in Segger J-link debugger that allows you to simply connect the board to your PC with an USB cable and start developing code right away. It includes a USB Host which is unique for a low power low cost MCU, Device and Pmod connector. The board was also designed to be powered from alternative power sources.

From a software and tools side the board is packed with great software:
The CD will allows you to install the E2Studio development tool, a compiler and the code generator called "Applilet". We have also a Graphic User Interface to run the low power demo and several sample codes including example for USB Host and Device.


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