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Renesas WiFi Out-of-the-Box

5:58 min | 5510 Views | Published: 2013-02-08
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The RL78G14 RDK kit features an integrated Wi-Fi utilities to provide a simple yet powerful mean to configure the WI-FI settings of this demonstration kit, define point to point Wi-Fi connections, run in a web server mode and connected to external clouds.
Three presenters from Renesas Electronics Americas and from Gainspan Corp. are taking turn to introduce the feature of this new kit and all live sensor data feed can be transmitted over Wi-Fi.

Alternately, it is shown how to :
- Connect a PC or laptop to the RDK over Wi-Fi
- Connect to the embedded Web Server and read sensor data
- How to launch and run smart phone applications (iPhone or iPad or Android phones) and do the same thing.

Renesas low power RL78/G14 demo kit gives customers exciting off-the-shelf building blocks to quickly prototype and create their own Wi-Fi cloud-connected M2M products. Customers can evaluation Wi-Fi connectivity and multiple connection modes with this low-cost demonstration kit.
For more information and to purchase a kit go to:

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