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How to drive your High Speed Permanent Magnet Motor using RX23T kit

15:51 min | 721 Views | Published: 2016-05-09
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Discover how the RX23T microcontroller is driving 3-phase high speed motors fully sensorless using vector control algorithm running smoothly thanks to the Floating Point Unit.
The video is showing you how to reach 40000RPM at 30Vdc using the off the shelf inverter kit YROTATE-IT-RX23T. It enables to drive your own Permanent Magnet Motor up to 6A under 48Vdc within a few minutes.
The Field oriented Control algorithm is designed to drive any 3-phase out-runner and in-runner motors thanks to the auto-tuning software and automatic motor identification tool.
The RX23T kit includes a low voltage power stages on the board itself based on MOSFETs.
If this sounds like it might help your development, take a few minutes to watch our recorded webinar and understand the key benefits and features offered by the inverter solution based on the RX23T microcontroller.
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